Crypto Airdrops – User-Friendly to get Free Tokens

Are you crypto investor or enthusiast?

Then you would be familiar with the term Crypto Airdrops. But are you aware of what are Airdrops in Crypto world? Have you searched for the term Crypto Airdrops? It can make you earn money.

Now you would have the questions regarding how to earn money at Crypto Airdrops?

This Article will guide you all the procedure of the Airdrops. As the complete information regarding the Airdrops,  why ICOs conduct Airdrops, how to become part of the event to earn money.

The questions in you made would be made clear as follows:

crypto Airdrops

Airdrop in Crypto World

What is an Airdrop in Crypto World?

Airdrops are the blockchain of projects or event which distribute the free tokens means the coins, ICOsto the community. It gives the people a huge percentage of the token to those who participate in the Airdrop.

The Airdrops task require certain procedure and rules to be followed. It is different for each Airdrop type. A few of them are described to you in the article below for your assistance.

Conductance of Airdrops

Why are Airdrops Conducted?

Now there is a question in your mind that why the projects and ICOs give away tokens or cryptocurrencies to the people for free?

It is the WIN-WIN situation for the people/ participants and the owner, team or the developer of the Project.

Airdrops are to create awareness among the people about the project or the ICO. The basic aim is to attract the people toward the project which will help the owner to get the investor for the ICO sale.

Under it, the people will get the free token. For instances, if a particular token is given to 1000s of people for free, the people will be valuing it more. It would lead to an increase in the token price in the later stages.

Community matters in the ICO or Cryptocurrency. The bigger or more the number of member better is the future of the coin. To give the token is the best way to gain benefit for the ICO. It can be possible by Airdrops.

Benefits of Airdrops for ICO

The other benefits which you can gain by the ICO are as follows:

  • Online Media Attention: As with a large number of ICOs it becomes difficult for the project to get the attention. But with the use of the Airdrops. Many of the social media channels, websites, and youtube can grab the attention of the public
  • Cost Free Marketing: In case of new ICO to advertise. It requires a major investment. As it needs a lot of money to spend on Paid advertisements, paid posts, paid listings etc. But with the Airdrops, it cut off the cost of the marketing. Spread like a fire so worthy using it.

Use of Crypto Airdrops

Know you may have the doubt!

Are Crypto Airdrops Scam and Illegal?

It is not a scam. But you should be aware of the fake Airdrops which can be Scam ICOs.

The major reason not worry is that Airdrops are free of cost. In case if an Airdrop asks for money or token then it is a scam. But in general cases, they don’t demand any money or token and easy to join.

Value of  Crypto Airdrop

What is the Value of a Crypto Airdrop?

There are a fixed number of coins or tokens to Airdrops for the ICOs and the Crypto Projects. It can vary from one project to another. As it can be 5-15% of tokens in the form of Airdrops given by most of the ICOs. It is in the form of reward.

Value of each airdrop is decided at the early stage means before the pre-sale of ICO. It is quite less or just 0. Airdrops Projects can offer  $5-20 worth of coins.

If the project gets a good start then the value of the airdropped token can increase. Some of the Airdrops can lead to you give no benefit while the other can also make you rich. You can also earn a good profit.

Most Profitable Crypto Airdrops

There is a number of Crypto Airdrops. You can check the name as follows:

  • Ontology Airdrop
  • EXRN Airdrop
  • REBL Airdrop
  • Sugar Exchange Airdrop

There are also other Airdrops which can help you to earn money.

Airdrops Search

How to Find these Airdrops?

It is difficult to get good airdrops. You can make use of the following to get access to the Airdrops of use.

  • Social Media – You can make use of social media such as Telegram Channels, Facebook Groups related to cryptocurrencies. As you can get the link to the Airdrops.
  • Airdrop Alert Websites – The candidate can also search for the Airdrop websites. As you can get the latest Airdrop Alert.

Track Airdrop

How to Join Airdrops and get Free Tokens?

To track the available Airdrop. You can get it.

Click Here

Reference Image:

track airdrops

In order to join the Airdrops. The interested contender has to enter the details to become part of it.

Details Needed to Join Airdrops

You have to give the following details to join the Airdrops. Check the list as follows:

  1. ERC20 Supported Ethereum Wallet – Mandatory
  2. Telegram Account – Mandatory
  3. NEON Wallet – (Some Tokens are NEO Based)
  4. Twitter Account
  5. Facebook Account

There are basically 90% Airdrops which are based on ERC20.

ERC20 Wallet to Collect Airdrops

ERC20 is the Ethereum Wallets which is supported by both Ethereum and ERC20 Tokens.

You have to follow the steps below to get it.

Visit the official site of Meta Mask. Click Here

Reference Image:


  1. You have to get the chrome Extension for it.
  2. Install the extension.
  3. Then click on the MetaMask icon.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Click on Create Button.
  6. You will get the Seed Words.
  7. Save it for future use.
  8. Your account will be created.
  9. Check the balance in the account and other details.
  10. Then Click on MetaMask Icon and export your Private Keys.

How will you Know if you Receive any Tokens from Airdrop?

You can visit the, Then enter the Wallet Address. The token details will be indicated there.


The token balance can also be checked at You will get to know the current amount of token received in USD.


The tokens of Airdrops are distributed after 30-90 days.

After getting the token you can transfer it to your wallet.

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